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What Does Green Manufacturing Mean?

There is an ever-increasing push for organizations within the manufacturing industry to adopt more environmentally conscious methods for developing products, equipment, and more. But what does this mean to the average manufacturing operation? Simply put, going green may refer to streamlining processes, removing waste from operations, and utilizing more sustainable materials for production and packaging. Many manufacturers are already looking to their partners and suppliers for solutions to cut down on consumption and the use of new materials, and this simple shift can make a significant impact on an organization's overall footprint.

Packaging is one of the most simple ways that manufacturers can reduce their impact and increase sustainability without compromising the quality or efficiency of their products, and that's good news for companies with heavy packaging needs. Buyer behavior is changing, and many consumers are basing their purchase decisions on whether or not companies have made the effort to become more green in their manufacturing and packaging processes.

What Are the Benefits of Green Manufacturing?

Cost Reduction

Cutting down on waste, installing more energy-efficient lighting, and reducing water consumption can all have a direct impact on cost, and provide savings to manufacturers who push for more eco-friendly processes.

Tax Credits

Switching to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and more are often incentivized in the form of rebates and tax credits that aim to reward those who make the effort for more sustainable production methods.

Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Switching to packaging made from recyclable materials, or simply choosing more sustainable packaging is something to brag about. Showing your customers that you place importance upon acting more environmentally responsible can help to boost brand recognition and increase trust in your business.

Attracting New Talent

As older generations leave the workforce they are replaced by younger workers. Statistically speaking, Millennials are more inclined to work for companies that are actively reducing their environmental impact, and making these changes can attract new talent to your operation.

Economic Contribution

By focusing on environmental sustainability, manufacturers along with like-minded suppliers can both collaboratively create jobs for American workers and boost the national economy as a result.

How Can Your Business Become More Eco-Friendly?

In order to make the appropriate changes within your organization in an effort to pursue more sustainable practices, it's important to first analyze your current environmental impact. This will help you gain insight into which areas you can improve upon that will make the biggest impact. If your company relies heavily on packaging, consider how switching to packaging made from recycled materials could reduce your use of new materials. You should also consider how you can reduce waste in other areas of your operation. If you use raw materials, are you using every part? Could you find local businesses that are able to use leftover materials or otherwise recycle them instead of placing them in the trash? Utilizing renewable energy sources is also an effective way of minimizing your environmental impact and contributes substantially towards green manufacturing initiatives.

Minimize Your Manufacturing Impact With Thermal Shipping Solutions

Thermal Shipping Solutions strives to support our customers with eco-friendly packaging options for cold supply chain and normal supply chain needs. By focusing on the environment we have been able to develop sustainable products that help manufacturers cut down on resources without compromising their shipping process. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we offer and make your manufacturing more sustainable for the planet.