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What Are Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

With the constant drive to lower environmental impact across all industries, shippers are faced with a challenge specifically when it comes to packaging...or are they? Many manufacturers are finding ways to make their processes greener and sustainable packaging options have been developed for just about any product. In fact, it has never been easier to switch to sustainable packaging solutions and decrease contribution towards the direct impact that traditional packaging has on the environment. In many cases, eco-friendly packaging may be required by either corporate or government policies, but the good news is that on top of creating a better future for the world as a whole, switching to more sustainable packaging can also lead to cost savings in the long run.

Why Are Sustainable Packaging Solutions Important for Corporate America?

Choosing to lower your environmental impact helps to preserve the planet and creates a better quality of life overall, but there are additional benefits that are worth changing for. Eco-friendly packaging is typically made from recycled materials which significantly reduces water consumption and other resources during production. Greater efficiency can also be achieved, meaning that businesses can decrease their overall impact.

In addition, switching to sustainable packaging helps to boost brand loyalty and awareness with new customers. Showcasing responsible practices helps to attract customers who are environmentally conscious and who specifically seek out those businesses that are working to make a difference. This leads to increased revenue and profits and contributes to positive business and economic growth.

How Can Your Business Choose Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

Making the choice is easy, but there are a few things to consider. When choosing sustainable packaging, consider how it will impact your business.


If you opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions that are stronger and stiffer in design, they will not only offer better stability and security for your products but also support down-gauging so that, when recycled, they can be reused.


Using recycled materials in shipping can help manufacturers save on waste disposal costs and offers consumers the ability to do their part for the environment. Consumers that strive to be more environmentally responsible will not only appreciate the effort, but they will reward you with more sales, too.

Shipping Weight

Package weight is directly tied to transportation costs, and the use of more sustainable packaging solutions can contribute to both cost savings and decreased CO2 emissions. This also means that distribution can become far more efficient and cost-effective, saving you money on each and every shipment.

Thermal Shipping Solutions

At Thermal Shipping Solutions, we strive to provide our customers with packaging solutions that can help them achieve better efficiency, lower costs, and more responsible processes. Our packaging is designed to help you make the transition from traditional packaging options without compromising the quality of your products, and we continue to develop new products to support your changing needs. Contact us today to discuss your product requirements and we'll provide sustainable packaging solutions to help you reduce your impact and plan for the future.