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We are your friends in Cold Chain

When your shipment must stay cool before pickup to after delivery, you can trust Thermal Shipping Solutions to provide you the packaging system that exceeds your expectations.  We are a respected leader in cold chain packaging for last-mile shipments.  Our solutions provide a sustainable alternative to EPS coolers without compromising performance, our environment, or our integrity.  

We Educate

For decades there had been no trustworthy alternatives to rigid cooler boxes.  The unsatisfied demand for sustainable packaging has allowed pseudo-science products to pollute the marketplace with lies and misinformation.  Only by educating customers about the realities of biodegradability, recyclability, compostability, along with dim weight calculation, early freeze buffering, material handling and optimization can you make an informed choice about whom to trust.  We teach you about ISTA standards of testing and optimal use of refrigerants. 

We Trash the Competition

Almost all alternatives to EPS have a poor end-of-life scenario.  Our competitors have tricked many well-meaning customers by telling them to "place insulation in your trash guilt-free" based on the lie that trash biodegrades in a landfill. There is pervasive misinformation regarding biodegradation, especially in landfills, and many companies utilizing denim, jute, bamboo, cotton, wool, and rock wool profit from it.  

§ 260.8 Degradable claims.

(c) It is deceptive to make an unqualified degradable claim for items entering the solid waste stream if the items do not completely decompose within one year after customary disposal. Unqualified degradable claims for items that are customarily disposed in landfills, incinerators, and recycling facilities are deceptive because these locations do not present conditions in which complete decomposition will occur within one year.

Admirably, these materials are often sourced from recycled or sustainable sources.  Denim comes from blue jeans, jute from burlap sacks, and cellulose from newsprint.  Unfortunately, they all require a significant percentage of polyester fiber to glue the organic fibers together and provide loft.  Not only is this material not biodegradable or compostable, it is a heavier and needlessly expensive and complex alternative.

We Fight the Fight

We once manufactured and sold cellulose.  We once manufactured and sold denim.  We even sold PET with paper lamination. That stopped. We shifted from selling you what you request to educating you how to determine what you really need to achieve the goals you truly care about.  We learned that skipping this vital step would leave you with a product that didn’t work better than snake oil.  Educating the customer, no matter their reputation in the industry, must always be done 

We Close the Loop

Our Renewliner is the only product that insulates and can be recycled.  It is made from recycled material and becomes recycled material.  Cold chain is now a loop.