Thermal Ecolab. An entrepreneurial workshop of perpetual beta.

From Washington to Massachusetts, Wisconsin to New Mexico, there seems to be no better place to spin up entrepreneurship than the humble American garage. And for California-based brands, the term “garage” is simply code for “business startup where anything goes,” all packed inside just 576 square feet.
At TSS we’re no different. Our first trial and errors, and testing of thermal products –– liners, insulation materials and shipping systems –– all came straight from the garage. Today, we call it our Thermal Ecolab, or “entrepreneurialworkshop of perpetual beta.” Our customers call it, “effective.” Regardless, the transformational TSS Thermal Ecolab is where we do our testing, R&D, UX design, competitive analysis, package-proofing, as well as our quick-turnaround sample creations.


We build with purpose from our maverick minds; we construct like craftsmen to paper; we inquire like engineers, “What does it look like? How does it feel? How will it perform? How does it seal? How can we simplify, minimize and create value?” And most importantly we ask,“How does it stay thermally secure while fitting into a box that travels across the world?”

Test and retest.
Perpetually we test.

Perpetually we test, using ISTA 7E Testing Standards for Thermal Transport Packaging, evaluating the effects of external temperature exposures on individually packaged products shipped. We test thermal chambers and fluctuating temperatures through simulating environments. Then we test packaging weight, box size, ice packs, insulation thickness –– all in real-life scenarios; no weak replications. We of course also employ the UPS Crush Test to ensure packaging robustness and cushioning capabilities. 

Step into the lab.

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