When temperature-sensitive vaccines, biological samples, and medicines make their way to their final destination, how can you be sure that unpredictable temperatures won’t compromise their quality during transit?


Refrigeration equipment is not always reliable, and temperature can vary within a shipping container, delivery vehicle, lab, or collection site. Additionally, your products may pass through multiple handlers during the sample collection, manufacturing, or distribution process, possibly enduring delays and substandard storage.


An out of spec shipment might go unnoticed at first, but poor temperature control can lead to ineffectiveness, contamination, bacterial growth, and infection. Unknowingly mixing, processing or selling compromised pharmaceuticals or samples can have devastating effects in the health field, where safety is of primary importance. Plus, having to dispose of compromised drugs and contaminated samples can waste precious research time, money, and biological donations.


Thermal Shipping Solutions specializes in a wide variety of insulated packaging products for your cold chain shipping requirements. We are very excited to offer a recyclable mailer product designed especially for the secure shipping of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive items vital to the health and life science industries: The Kangaroo Mailer!


The envelope is provided in a convenient compressed form of roughly 5/8” which expands to almost 3” once packed, sealed, and ready for shipment. Our insulated, recyclable mailers do not require an outer carton and come with clearly printed instructions. Simply fill the insulated envelope with your refrigerant and temperature-sensitive items, seal with the attached tamper-resistant pressure-sensitive tape, puncture the marked targets, and apply your postage label. When the mailer’s journey is over, you simply dispose of the insert and recycle the outer envelope!


Our recyclable mailer envelope comes in 1” or 1-3/8” options in a durable plastic liner designed to maintain integrity and strength when used with standard refrigerants. The Kangaroo Mailer provides valuable cushioning, form-fitting crush resistance, and superior thermal properties.


Our Kangaroo Mailer consistently outperforms similar 2-piece designs because our envelopes utilize a single compressed foam insert as opposed to two smaller foam inserts.  The single-piece design improves the edge seal by reducing compression seams up to 22%.