Self inflating.
Waste reducing.

Meet the Kangaroo. A self-inflating mailer with an innovative layer of protection for absolute security and superior thermal performance, whether you’re shipping across town or across the globe.

Pierce it, and watch it do the rest.

The self-expanding foam mailer inflates when punctured, creating a form-fitting enclosure, that minimizes waste.

Kangaroo Mailer

Space technology.

  • Save space and reduce shipping costs with vacuum sealed mailers.
  • 87% smaller than EPS Coolers
  • 1 truckload condensed to 3 pallets
  • Cut shipping costs by half

Crushed it.

Compression-tested for maximal protection in harsh handling environments.

More sustainable than Styrofoam.

Eliminate environmentally harmful EPS coolers and boxes from the supply chain.

Hop in, we’re
changing the world.

Learn how our sustainable cold chain solutions can connect your company to earth-conscious consumers, wherever they are.

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