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Product Spotlight: Kangaroo Mailer

Product Spotlight: Kangaroo Mailer

The constant push to go green has led many companies to search for shipping products that don't sacrifice performance and cost for stronger environmental sustainability. In the past, those seeking protection for temperature-sensitive products would opt to use EPS foam cooler boxes, but there are multiple negative aspects of using these coolers and they don't contribute to the environmental standards that today's organizations are looking to achieve. That's why Thermal Shipping Solutions has developed the Kangaroo Mailer to replace EPS boxes and offer organizations better protection, safety, and sustainability when shipping products that are temperature sensitive and that shouldn't be jostled around during transport.

What's So Special About the Kangaroo Mailer?

Our Kangaroo Mailers are self-expanding and offer highly efficient thermal protection and crush protection to ensure that your products arrive safely. Kangaroo Mailers are loaded the same way as EPS coolers, but instead of bulky and breakable boxes, they can be secured quickly with an adhesive strip, inflated, and are then ready to go. Inside, the compressed memory foam will inflate to swaddle your products and cushion them from damage without the need for packing peanuts or other void fill. With the attached adhesive strip, there's no need for taping, either, speeding up the packaging process considerably.

The greatest advantage of the Kangaroo Mailer, however, is the cost savings when it comes to priority shipping. EPS coolers typically weigh around 3-4lbs when filled, but due to their size, the dimensional weight is 7lbs. Our Kangaroo Mailers have a filled weight of 3lbs and a dimensional weight of 3lbs as well, meaning that you won't be paying for an extra 3-4lbs unnecessarily on every shipment. Smaller and lighter, our Kangaroo Mailers simply cost less. In addition, you don't have to purchase, assemble, or tape cardboard boxes to use them.

Environmental Benefits

Kangaroo Mailers use Flexible Polyurethane Foam (FPF) which is a recycled material in comparison to EPS boxes made from closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) – which is a raw material. As they can be compressed, they take up less space during transport on trucks and airplanes as well as when stored. With less of a handling requirement compared to EPS coolers and less CO2 required to move and ship them, Kangaroo Mailers offer a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable option while reducing cost and offering superior protection.

Kangaroo Mailer Vs EPS Foam Cooler Boxes

EPS coolers are known to be bulky, breakable, flammable, costly, and provide poor environmental performance. While it's true that polystyrene foam can be recycled, the process is expensive and most of it ends up going straight to our landfills as a result. Our Kangaroo Mailers outperform EPS coolers in every conceivable way thanks to their unique design and function. Excess air is eliminated as the package inflates meaning that the performance of ice packs can be enhanced. As the contents are cradled and cannot move around during transport, this means that your products can remain cool and secured in place in a smaller, lighter package.

Shop Kangaroo Mailers With Thermal Shipping Solutions

At Thermal Shipping Solutions our goal is to drastically improve the way that businesses ship their products by developing highly efficient solutions that minimize cost, time, and waste, and improve sustainability and performance. Contact us today to learn more about our Kangaroo Mailers and let us assist your business in the pursuit of higher environmental sustainability.

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