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Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

All the benefits of our Kangaroo Mailer with greater capacity! Our Kangaroo 3D Insulated Box Liner is provided compressed (optional) and packed flat. Pierce to allow the foam to inflate and line the inside of a standard RSC carton!

The Expanding Foam 3D Box-liner is designed to provide high-efficiency thermal performance for a wide range of packaging applications. Providing superior insulation to EPS in a fraction of the storage space, these 3D Box-liners can save up to 85% on warehouse storage and inbound freight. We manufacture them in any size with no additional tooling costs. They are shipped to you compressed and ready to use. Simply puncture the liner to allow it to quickly inflate, line your standard corrugated box, and pack as usual. The specially shaped insulation allows the liner to square out on the bottom so there is no wasted space.