Green Alternatives

As society becomes more aware of its impact on the environment, it is only natural to expect corporations to embrace the values of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Many new products are marketed as simple ways to satisfy the need to be green. How, as concerned businesses, can we be sure products are better for the environment, remain cost-effective, and actually work?

No one likes using expanded polystyrene (EPS*) cooler boxes. They are bulky, cost too much to ship, break easily, pose a fire hazard, and are bad for the environment. While technically recyclable, the high costs of EPS recycling and the lack of collection infrastructure means the vast majority of EPS ends up in landfills--or worse, in our oceans, where it endangers sealife and degrades, over time, into microplastic.

*Styrofoam® is a common misnomer for EPS.

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Cooler on the GO!

GO GREEN WITH COOLER ON THE GO! No more foam coolers. No more ice chests. Cooler on the Go is an easy to use, insulated, leak-proof, reusable and recyclable cooler for both hot and cold food and drink!

Kangaroo Mailer

These insulated envelopes contain compressed, self-expanding foam that inflates when punctured, creating a form-fitting enclosure that protects and thermally insulates fragile and perishable items. Simply pierce the outer film of the foam expansion mailer and watch it expand to its original size.


Protect your perishable shipments while meeting your sustainability goals with Renewliner. Using this 100% curbside-recyclable insulation is the only way to support truly closed-loop resource management. Don’t be fooled by the Greenwashers who eco alternatives end up mummified in the dump.