Gourmet Food and Desserts

It is estimated that about $17 billion is lost globally as a result of food spoilage during transportation and storage.

When perishable foods leave your hands for distribution, how can you be sure that unacceptable temperatures won’t compromise their quality and safety during transit? Refrigeration equipment is not always reliable, and temperature can vary throughout a trailer, stack of pallets, or warehouse. Your food products may pass through 17 or more handlers during the distribution process, possibly enduring delays and substandard intermediate storage.

A cold chain breach might go unnoticed at first, but poor temperature control can lead to bacterial growth, fungal decay, and premature spoilage — affecting already low margins. Unknowingly selling inferior foods can have devastating effects. Temperature deviations can also affect flavor, texture, and appearance — trait variations that may not be visibly evident, especially if the packaging is tinted or opaque. Selling inferior or inconsistent goods may contribute to a decrease in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you want to know how to ship chocolate in the summer?  Let TSS provide the solution.

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Cooler on the GO!

GO GREEN WITH COOLER ON THE GO! No more foam coolers. No more ice chests. Cooler on the Go is an easy to use, insulated, leak-proof, reusable and recyclable cooler for both hot and cold food and drink!

DURAShield Insulated Box Liners

This bottom gusseted 3D liner is manufactured with flexible metallized bubble insulating materials that provide high-efficiency thermal protection for a wide range of packaging applications.

Gel Ice Packs

Our cost-effective standard gel pack can be used in warm or cold applications. The non-toxic gel is biodegradable and freezes solid. The heat-sealed polyethylene wrapper provides a reusable and durable refrigerant.

Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

All the benefits of our Kangaroo Mailer with greater capacity! Our Kangaroo 3D Box Liner is provided compressed (optional) and packed flat. Pierce to allow the foam to inflate and line the inside of a standard RSC carton!

Kangaroo Mailer

These insulated envelopes contain compressed, self-expanding foam that inflates when punctured, creating a form-fitting enclosure that protects and thermally insulates fragile and perishable items. Simply pierce the outer film of the foam expansion mailer and watch it expand to its original size.


Protect your perishable shipments while meeting your sustainability goals with Renewliner. Using this 100% curbside-recyclable insulation is the only way to support truly closed-loop resource management. Don’t be fooled by the Greenwashers who eco alternatives end up mummified in the dump.