(r)Value. Doing good things well,
to create a well of good things.

There are two worlds.
The one we inherit and live in, and the one we create and pass along. At TSS we believe in both worlds. Introducing (r) value, our philanthropic programming and initiatives supporting our mission of sustain stewardship.


Passionately driven and purpose given, (r) value recognizes organizations who have illustrated, through advocacy, advancement and action, the unique alignment of two pedigrees: environmental conservancy and entrepreneurial efficacy, toward a single convergence ­­–– sustainable stewardship.

Welcome the new entrepreneurial environmentalist.

Each year we select one recipient to receive the TSS eve impresario award for their performance in fulfilling the role of visionary “entrepreneur valuing environments,” by allowing environmental values to influence their entrepreneurship, and/or as an entrepreneur, choosing to add value to the environment through their brand, business or products. impresario candidates incorporate conservation principles of nature and human rights, as well as actively employing sustainability practices for the planet and from their business enterprise.

TSS Three Pillars of Enhanced Ecology

TSS champions our Three Pillars of Enhanced Ecology.

A purpose greater
than ourselves.

Learn how our sustainable cold chain solutions can connect your company to earth-conscious consumers, wherever they are.

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