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Gel Packs

Nordic Ice gel packs are durable, reusable, and some of the most reputable refrigerants in the industry. 

They are long-lasting poly gel packs that provide reliable temperature-sensitive protection for the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals, and medical products. 

As found below on the left, we offer a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to see what works best for you.

At Thermal Shipping Solutions, we know you need to be sure that your perishable items make it safely to your customers.  Why run the of risk spoiled food and damaged medications?  We work with you and your accreditation agencies to develop an optimal compromise between cost and performance for your cold chain packaging.  We utilize industry-standard 7E ISTA testing and evaluate lane data and shipping conditions to make sure you're getting exactly what you need. 

Nordic Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs

Our cost-effective standard gel packs are reusable and can be used in ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures. The non-toxic gel concealed within the cold pack is decomposable but also freezes solid. The heat-sealed polyethylene wrapper provides a reusable and durable refrigerant - which is ideal for protecting temperature-sensitive products in various industries.