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DURAShield Insulated Box Liners

This bottom gusseted 3D insulated box liner is manufactured with flexible metallized bubble insulating materials that provide high-efficiency thermal protection for a wide range of packaging applications. Minimize costs with simple solutions!

The DURAShield Insulated box liner is manufactured to provide low-cost thermal performance for a wide range of packaging applications. This liner is ideal for shipping anything from fish to pharmaceuticals. The Metallized Bubble Liner can save up to 85% on warehouse storage over EPS and up to 60% on inbound or outbound freight.

Metallized bubble liners helps to ensure product quality, texture and color.

  • Order liners for your existing box size and refrigerants.
  • Save on air freight and storage costs!
  • Get the exact size you need whenever you need it, be it a pallet cover or small pouch.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and hygienic materials.
  • Liners store flat and are easy to use.
  • Make thermal shipping easy and inexpensive.
  • An environmentally sound alternative to foam coolers.
  • Great for overnight and priority shipping.