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3 Ways Your Business Can Try Green Shipping With Eco-Friendly Packaging

Ecommerce has seen exponential growth in recent years that has placed additional pressure on our environment. As such, the push to use more sustainable methods in manufacturing and shipping has become paramount and serves as a deciding factor for many consumers. Buying products online means that people are making fewer trips to visit brick and mortar stores and, while this helps to reduce emissions, the desire for fast shipping creates another environmental issue. Luckily, this is one that can be offset in part by the use of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Product Spotlight: Kangaroo Mailer

The constant push to go green has led many companies to search for shipping products that don't sacrifice performance and cost for stronger environmental sustainability. In the past, those seeking protection for temperature-sensitive products would opt to use EPS foam cooler boxes, but there are multiple negative aspects of using these coolers and they don't contribute to the environmental standards that today's organizations are looking to achieve. That's why Thermal Shipping Solutions has developed the Kangaroo Mailer to replace EPS boxes and offer organizations better protection, safety, and sustainability when shipping products that are temperature sensitive and that shouldn't be jostled around during transport.

What Does Green Manufacturing Mean?

There is an ever-increasing push for organizations within the manufacturing industry to adopt more environmentally conscious methods for developing products, equipment, and more. But what does this mean to the average manufacturing operation? Simply put, going green may refer to streamlining processes, removing waste from operations, and utilizing more sustainable materials for production and packaging. Many manufacturers are already looking to their partners and suppliers for solutions to cut down on consumption and the use of new materials, and this simple shift can make a significant impact on an organization's overall footprint.

What Are Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

With the constant drive to lower environmental impact across all industries, shippers are faced with a challenge specifically when it comes to packaging...or are they? Many manufacturers are finding ways to make their processes greener and sustainable packaging options have been developed for just about any product. In fact, it has never been easier to switch to sustainable packaging solutions and decrease contribution towards the direct impact that traditional packaging has on the environment. In many cases, eco-friendly packaging may be required by either corporate or government policies, but the good news is that on top of creating a better future for the world as a whole, switching to more sustainable packaging can also lead to cost savings in the long run.

Why You Should Make Your Manufacturing Processes Eco-Friendly

At Thermal Shipping Solutions we strive to help businesses in the manufacturing industry lower their environmental impact and move towards more sustainable shipping practices. Our push to develop and create environmentally friendly EPS coolers has enabled manufacturers to cut down on their unnecessary use of resources without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of their cold shipping. 

The Difference Between Cold Supply Chain and Normal Supply Chain

Thermal Shipping Solutions specializes in producing environmentally friendly alternatives to EPS coolers that can help shippers and carriers maintain the correct temperature levels during cold supply chain shipping. Our coolers have been designed to help businesses eliminate their excessive use of unsustainable materials and strive for a world with less consumption. 

Product Spotlight: Renewliner

In our modern, environmentally conscious world, sustainability and innovation are two of the demands that consumers are looking to manufacturers to provide. Our landfills produce harmful greenhouse gases due to their low-oxygen design that works to prevent decomposition, and now more than ever, businesses need to do their part in contributing to a better tomorrow. Thermal Shipping Solutions has taken an innovative approach with Renewliner to help pharmaceutical and gourmet food shippers cut down on waste and give consumers the ability to recycle packaging without the guilt that comes from using alternative shipping materials. Renewliner is a 100% recyclable insulated shipping system that offers faster packing and better cold chain performance than alternative shipping options.

Thermal Shipping Solutions Expands Production into New Markets

Thermal Shipping Solutions (TSS), a pioneer in the development of earth-friendly replacements for expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers, has expanded national production with the addition of two new manufacturing centers.

How Insulation Works (or Doesn't)

Insulation works by slowing the transfer of heat which can move in three ways: conduction, convection, and radiation. Understanding the influence of these three methods allows one to make better and more informed choices.


Convection occurs when warmer areas of a liquid or gas move to co...

Responsibility in Marketing

The Federal Trade Commission has released a helpful video regarding green marketing claims.