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About Us

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and promote sustainable cold chain packaging solutions for the world's best products.  


For the greater part of 20 years, Thermal Shipping Solutions has been a pioneer in developing earth-friendly replacements for expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers in last-mile shipping. EPS is a versaitle and lightweight material that can be manufactured into a vast array of products.

It's true! We are trusted thousands of times a day to protect injectable, specialty, and compounded medications from harsh temperatures across the world. Our products protect chocolate dipped strawberries from melting and gourmet food meal kits from spoiling.

The most exciting area of growth is enabling Silicon Valley pioneers to do with food what they have done with books and music. Our patent-pending technologies are allowing companies to provide a green packaging solution starting with their first shipment.

We have dozens of manufacturing sites across the country and make all B2B products within the USA exclusively. We have our own thermal testing lab, engineers, cold-chain experts, and marketing team to provide cost-saving SOPs, marketing collateral, and experience needed to deal with everything from URAC compliance to freight & small parcel shipping contracts.