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3 Ways Your Business Can Try Green Shipping With Eco-Friendly Packaging

3 Ways Your Business Can Try Green Shipping With Eco-Friendly Packaging

Ecommerce has seen exponential growth in recent years that has placed additional pressure on our environment. As such, the push to use more sustainable methods in manufacturing and shipping has become paramount and serves as a deciding factor for many consumers. Buying products online means that people are making fewer trips to visit brick and mortar stores and, while this helps to reduce emissions, the desire for fast shipping creates another environmental issue. Luckily, this is one that can be offset in part by the use of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

As a business, you are in the spotlight, and choosing to use more eco-friendly packaging can both help the environment as well as improve reputation and the way that your customers interact with your business. Here, we'll explore three ways that you can actively go green with your shipping and cut down on unnecessary consumption and waste.

1. Decrease Packaging Material Waste

Many of us have ordered products online that are shipped to our doors in boxes that aren't proportionate to the size of the product itself. While items such as markers, tape, books, and clothing (to name a few) could easily be shipped in small mailers, they are often shipped in large cardboard boxes instead. A more eco-friendly option would be to match the product with the shipping material and size so that your items are protected without taking up unnecessary space or producing excess waste. This will also improve your bottom line as shipping costs can be reduced when more product is moved in smaller, lighter loads. To the end-user, this also means fewer materials to dispose of once the product arrives.

2. Use Biodegradable Packing

Product packaging accounts for a third of the waste that ends up in our landfills as most of it can't be recycled and won't degrade at a rate fast enough to keep landfill levels sufficient for the long term. Choosing to use biodegradable plastic packaging for your products means that when that packaging ultimately ends up in landfills it can degrade faster as it will lack toxic chemicals. The onus here is on the end-user to dispose of packaging properly, but you have the ability to provide more sustainable options that are better for the environment when your packaging is inevitably thrown away.

3. Use Recycled Materials

Using recyclable materials in your packaging can contribute positively towards a more eco-friendly approach. This helps to cut down on carbon emissions and pollution that is created as a result of the pulp and paper industry, as well as aids in the pursuit to develop better, more cost-effective recycled material solutions that can be made available on a broader scale. Recycled materials go into creating shipping solutions such as poly mailers, padded mailers, mailer bags, boxes, tissue paper, corrugated bubble wrap, and more.

Shop Eco-Friendly Packaging with Thermal Shipping Solutions

At Thermal Shipping Solutions we are passionate about helping our customers reduce their carbon footprints and offer more eco-friendly packaging solutions to their customers. We develop innovative and efficient solutions to help you reduce waste, cost, and environmental impact while ensuring that your products are kept safe while in transit to your end-users. By using eco-friendly packaging you can change the way that you do business and contribute to the global push for sustainable manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about our products and choose from numerous eco-friendly options to suit your business needs.

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